Intel has launched the Intel® Virtual Gateway, a cross-platform keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) software development kit designed to offer solution providers enhanced capabilities for diagnosing and troubleshooting data center hardware.

Using the Intel Virtual Gateway, IT managers can securely configure or fix compatible components such as servers, network switches, and storage devices remotely across multiple sessions regardless of whether the device operating system is functioning or not.

The Intel Virtual Gateway can support up to 10,000 managed devices and 50 simultaneous sessions of remote access. The first solution provider to integrate Intel Virtual Gateway is Schneider-Electric in its StruxureWare™ data center product.

Other features include visibility and control for IT assets, multiple open sessions, consolidated central access to racks/baldes/network/storage, full device coverage with combined OOB and IB access, cross OEM vendor support, and easy ISV solution integration

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