On July 17, EPA will release the upgraded Portfolio Manager tool, providing users with anew interface, streamlined functionality, and improved usability. To get users up to speed on the new tool, the EPA is offering a number of trainings, as well as “office hours,” during the month of July. See below for more detail and links to register. Also, be sure to visit the www.energystar.gov/pmupgradefor the latest print training resources to get you prepared for the launch.

Register today at https://esbuildings.webex.com

Portfolio Manager 101

Join us as we introduce and demonstrate the core functionality of EPA’s new ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Navigate the new Portfolio Manager tool;
  • Add a property and enter details about it;
  • Enter energy and water consumption data;
  • Share properties;
  • Generate performance reports to assess progress; and
  • Respond to data requests

Portfolio Manager 201

Continue to learn about EPA’s new ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool, with a deeper dive into more advanced functionalities such as:

  • Managing and tracking changes to your property uses over time;
  • Using spreadsheet templates to update property data;
  • Setting goals and targets to plan energy improvements for properties;
  • Generating and using custom reports; and
  • Using the Sustainable Buildings Checklist

Introducing the New Portfolio Manager: For Service Providers and Implementers of Utility and Government Benchmarking Programs

Service providers and implementers of utility and government benchmarking programs are invited to join us for this introduction to the new ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. This session will provide an overview of EPA’s recently upgraded benchmarking tool and review tactics to deploy the new Portfolio Manager in building energy efficiency programs and benchmarking services. In particular, attendees will:

Learn about enhancements made to the New Portfolio Manager including a user-friendly interface, streamlined functionality, and enhanced reporting capabilities.

Review new Portfolio Manager training and communication resources that are available from EPA.

Portfolio Manager “Office Hours”

If you’ve taken Portfolio Manager 101 and 201, and you still have questions about how to use the new tool, this session is for you!  This open forum will provide you the opportunity to ask EPA’s experts any questions you have about how to use Portfolio Manager. Even if you don’t have specific questions, feel free to join to hear what others are asking.

In particular, we will address questions related to:

  • Entering and exporting data
  • Connecting and sharing with others
  • Creating reports
  • Setting targets and baselines
  • The Sustainable Buildings Checklist
  • Technical details of metrics

PLEASE NOTE: This session is meant to answer ONLY questions that apply to the general features and calculations of Portfolio Manager, and therefore apply to everyone.  EPA will not answer any questions about specific properties.  If you have a question about your individual metrics, including why/how they have changed or why the tool shows certain values for selected years, this cannot be addressed during this open forum. These types of questions require an analyst to review your account. Submit these questions throughwww.energystar.gov/BuildingsHelp.