Compass Datacenters has been selected as a finalist in two categories for the DatacenterDynamics North American Awards: the Innovation in the Medium-Data Center Award and the Data Center Special Assignment Team of the Year Award. The DatacenterDynamics North American Awards recognize innovation, leadership and "out of the box" thinking in the data center industry across the North American region. Awards will be given in eight categories at the ceremony on July 12 in San Francisco.

For the Innovation in the Medium-Data Center Award, Compass Datacenters is being recognized for its dedicated data center product built using Compass' Truly Modular Architecture™. Compass Datacenters facilities are geographically independent data centers designed to address the near- and long-term requirements of customers, unlike competing solutions that are more provider-centric rather than customer-centric. Compass facilities are designed to reflect the importance of operating life and maintainability, and they deliver complete customer control, simplified facility operation and more efficient growth.

For the Data Center Special Team of the Year Award, Compass Datacenters is being recognized for the engineering team behind Compass' data center architecture. Compass' selection for this award highlights the team's unique "virtual" structure as well as its use of W. Edwards Deming's principles for quality manufacturing as a foundation for the Compass product. The team's methodology incorporates essential manufacturing constructs at the system level in the data center delivery processes, resulting in data center facilities that are higher in quality, faster to deliver, and lower in total cost of ownership than traditional offerings.

"Being selected as finalists for these two awards is a great endorsement of our unique market strategy and our data center architecture," said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. "Compass is able to build dedicated, hardened, Tier III-certified data centers in any geographic location, enabling customers to put a mission critical data center exactly where they need it. This represents the next transformation of the data center industry as we move from industrialization to productization. It is a wonderful testament to have our efforts recognized by DatacenterDynamics' awards committee."