Geist has introduced turnkey system that allows data center managers to easily deploy a sophisticated environmental monitoring network within hours. Racknet–E (Racknet-Environmental), the latest addition to Geist’s Racknet product line, combines high-end data center management software and fully integrated environmental sensors to alert managers when heat or humidity levels threaten sensitive data center equipment.

Racknet-E bundles can be fitted with wireless or wired sensors; each preprogrammed sensor reports temperature and/or humidity readings through the Racknet-E web accessible graphical user interface. The product’s easy-to-understand live views, user-defined calculations and historic trend reports provide the critical data necessary to eliminate potential problems related to the data center climate.


“A quick response to environmental changes is crucial to protect servers and maintain uptime in the data center,” said Matt Lane, president of Geist DCiM. “Racknet-E gives managers access to a user-installed system with the real-time monitoring and alarms they need to head-off climate threats before they become catastrophic.”

Racknet-E also has a full upgrade path to monitor other SNMP compatible devices located in the data center. After upgrading, users can elect to expand their monitoring capabilities to include power strips and other SNMP devices.