DatacenterDynamics predicts that Developing Data Center Markets will continue to be responsible for the largest power increase across the sector over the coming 12 months but the U.S. market will still be responsible for almost a quarter of all energy consumed.

With 2013-2014 predicted to see enormous changes in the way data centers are operated, outsourced and managed it is even more vital that we gather the relevant data and feed it back into the industry.
Specific areas that the Census will explore include:

DCIM Implementation– It is at the point of reaching its forecasted potential. Last year’s DCD Census determined that in spite of forecasted growth, it had failed to fulfil its potential in terms of implementation and revenue generation. However, operators and vendors were confident that 2013 would be the ‘Year of the DCIM.’ The 2013 Census will provide empirical data as to whether this is indeed the case.

Outsourcing– Will the growth in outsourcing continue into the next 12 months? Outsourcing has risen from 8% globally in 2007 to 24% in 2012. Is this trend diminishing or will we continue to see a major shift in the industry to outsourced services?

Power– Last year, DCD forecasted that power on a global level, industry-wide, would continue to rise at a range of 40 to 43 GW.Will this number prove to be correct, or will the increased usage of energy efficiency measures put the brakes on the exponential increase in global data center power consumption?

Investment – The global economy has been sluggish for a period of six years now, yet the data center industry has ‘bucked the trend’ in terms of investment and financial strength in spite of a squeeze on Capex and Opex budgets. Where have budgets been spent over the past 12 months, and where do operators predict their spending will occur in 2014?

For each completed census questionnaire, $5 will be donated to the Fly-an-Engineer Appeal, which aims to help fund the travelling costs for Engineers Without Borders, a global group of NGOs that connects Engineers (and Universities) with sustainable community based development projects. Last year, more than $40,000 was raised.

Results from the 2013 census will be available in September 2014. To take part in the Census, visit