Future Facilities has announced that its predictive data center infrastructure management(DCIM) offering is the topic of a recently released report from 451 Research.

In the report titled, “Future Facilities Believes DCIM without CFD is Little Better Than Guesswork,” senior analyst, Datacenter Technologies, 451 Research, Andrew Donoghue outlines Future Facilities’ new approach to data center optimization. According to the report, “The change in positioning means that Future Facilities will be focused more on the business management of data centers. The company wants to broaden its customer base by emphasizing the role its tools can play in operational management such as infrastructure configuration or capacity planning.” 

“Many data center operators fail to properly optimize their data centers, and make up for it by over provisioning their power and cooling resources, leading to lost data center capacity and premature build outs,” said Donoghue. “Future Facilities is working to change the way data center managers think when it comes to deploying IT equipment.” 

“We’re honored to be cited in a leading analyst firm’s influential research,” said Sherman Ikemoto, general manager, Future Facilities North America. “DCIM alone is not enough.  Being able to predict and analyze situations before deploying key IT equipment and critical infrastructure is important for any data center manager, and can prevent the need for a pre-mature build out and the loss of millions of dollars.” 

Demand for Future Facilities Predictive DCIM offering has seen a sharp increase.  Just last month, Future Facilities announced that Ingenium, a leading data center consulting and engineering firm based in Costa Rica, selected Future Facilities’ 6SigmaDC software for use in the design and maintenance of Ingenium’s clients’ data centers. 

To read the full 451 Research report, visit http://www.futurefacilities.com/media/info.php?id=199.