Cyber Sciences has announced the STR-100 Satellite Time Reference is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant and lead free. Cyber Sciences, Inc. is dedicated to the same environmental concerns as are our customers and with this latest release of the STR-100, all of our products are RoHS-compliant and lead free. The RoHS Directive restricts the use of six hazardous materials in the manufacture of various types of new electronic and electrical equipment including lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers.

The STR-100 Satellite Time Reference uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to provide accurate date and time for po6.8.13 Cyber Sciences in bodywer system devices, such as GE MultilinTM protective relays and meters, Square D PowerLogic® circuit monitors and power meters, and Eaton Power Xpert® Meters. The STR-100 accepts a time reference signal from a “smart antenna” or standard IRIG-B signal from a GPS receiver or other precision time source.

The STR-100 generates precision time signals using DCF77 or 1per10 time protocols, or (optionally) IRIG-B making it ideal for use in SER applications as a precision time reference for protective relays and power monitors that use these standards for time synchronization. Sequence of Events Recording systems help improve power system reliability and are widely used by electric utilities, industrial facilities, hospitals and data centers.

Cyber Sciences, Inc. (CSI) is a supplier of high-quality specialty products for monitoring and control of electrical distribution systems for electric utilities and industrial, institutional and commercial facilities.  Key applications include sequence of events recording (SER) and utility “smart grid” systems, helping customers ensure the reliability, safety and efficiency of their electrical power systems.  CSI is a privately-held corporation located in Murfreesboro, TN, just 20 miles southeast of Nashville.  For more information about the STR-100 Satellite Time Reference or other RoHS-compliant products from Cyber Sciences, please contact us at 1-615-890-6709, or visit our web site at