Schneider Electric has announced the launch of its EcoStruxure™ Alliances Program for global strategic alliance partners and EcoStruxure Technology Partner Program for technology partnerships. Through this formal collaboration with world-class companies, Schneider Electric will continue to deliver on the promise of energy efficiency by providing integrated EcoStruxure energy management solutions to customers in: power management, process and machine management, IT/data center management, building management, and security management.

“The energy dilemma facing our world is massive, and our best hope for solving it for future generations is through partnerships with other like-minded, innovative companies,” said Aaron Davis, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Schneider Electric. “Through our partnerships and the resulting integrations into the EcoStruxure architecture, we can bring intelligent energy management to our mutual customers, drive multi-vendor standardization for better system performance, and accelerate time to deployment making energy management faster and more accurate.”

Through the EcoStruxure Alliance and Technology Partner Programs, customers will benefit from:

  • Interoperability and peace of mind that systems work together
  • Accelerated deployment
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Simplified customer experience
  • Full solution capabilities across the enterprise
  • One team to serve as trusted advisors for energy management and sustainability
  • Increased energy savings

An EcoStruxure Alliance Partner designates the highest level of partnership with Schneider Electric. Schneider Electric and our EcoStruxure Alliance partners jointly commit R&D, sales, marketing and executive resources to support the partnership. As part of the invitation-only program, the Alliance Partner and Schneider Electric engage in strategic exchange and collaboration to drive innovation and technology development, shape market trends, and develop a joint go-to-market strategy around energy efficiency. An EcoStruxure Alliance Partner may also be members of the EcoStruxure Technology Partner Program

Schneider Electric has formed EcoStruxure Alliances with Cisco and IBM, representing a high level of commitment to joint solutions that help solve mutual customers' most complex efficiency and sustainability challenges.

EcoStruxure Technology Partners

This agreement designates a partner’s commitment to working together with Schneider Electric to develop solutions designed to meet energy efficiency and sustainability goals for mutual customers across a broad spectrum of industries. EcoStruxure Technology Partners develop solutions that can connect to the Schneider Electric EcoStruxure architecture to enhance the overall offer and provide for increased interoperability and efficiency.

EcoStruxure Technology Partners can also receive the StruxureWare™ Tested and Approved logo, which represents Schneider Electric’s highest level of endorsement for software integrations validated through the partnership program. Members of the program develop their products to comply with Schneider Electric’s standards and submit them to the company’s labs for testing and approval. Software products that meet the StruxureWare Tested and Approved requirements qualify to display the StruxureWare Tested and Approved logo.

Companies who have joined the EcoStruxure Technology Partner program include: Alcatel-Lucent, Belden, Ekahau, KGS Buildings, OSIsoft and Verdiem. Also joining are Cisco, Esri, HMS Industrial Networks, IBM, Intel, JouleX, Niobrara Research and Development, and Sage Electrochromics.