N’compass has released LiveDC, a new data center Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for data-intensive midsize and large corporations. LiveDC  helps IT and facility managers acquire more accurate knowledge about the performance of their data center capacities to better meet current and future business demands.

Created by N’compass, experts in data center strategy, design, and management, LiveDC provides a historical and real-time comprehensive view of power, cooling, space, and other assets within a company’s data center(s). LiveDC resides within a market category of tools, solutions and services known as data center infrastructure management (DCIM).

This fast-growing segment of the IT industry is being propelled by the demands of data center managers and executives who want greater insight into the complex data center environments they manage.

N’compass developed the LiveDC software based on its extensive experience in designing, managing, and monitoring data centers for large, data-intensive companies in the financial services, retail and healthcare industries.

“We believe that the more relevant information a company can obtain about its data center operations, the more powerful and intelligent decisions they can make that link data center management with business strategy,” says Chris Flaherty, CEO and partner of N’compass. “LiveDC gives your business the power to make more thoughtful decisions because it gives you smarter information about your data center.”

As an affordable, simple and intelligent solution, LiveDC delivers powerful, real-time information in the form of data metrics with vivid graphics and customized graphic historical representations of power, space and cooling.

LiveDC software allows companies to optimize the operating performance of their data centers, thereby reducing operating costs, lowering risks, reducing energy consumption, and better managing assets and space.

Key benefits include:

• Power: LiveDC measures how much power your company’s data center is consuming, offering the opportunity to better control and manage future power use.

• Cooling: LiveDC provides a real-time, visible thermal profile to help you better understand how to target cooling to deliver overall efficiency.

• Space Management: LiveDC helps companies understand how much capacity their data centers have now, and it allows companies to track historical growth so that they can create “what-if” scenarios to forecast space use.

• Asset Tracking: LiveDC allows companies to track the physical location of all hardware, power consumption, network ports, financial information, maintenance and license renewal.

• Humidity: LiveDC delivers current and historical humidity data and trends, including rack elevation humidity levels.