Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. has launched the DiamondPlus™ 1100B uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Series. The DiamondPlus™ 1100B (DP1100B) is a modular, three phase, double conversion, on-line UPS that can be configured in 10kVA increments from 10kVA to 80kVA. The DiamondPlus™ 1100B complements the DiamondPlus™ 1100A UPS, which ranges from 10kvA to 50kvA.

With its compact footprint, innovative design, and energy efficiency of up to 93.1%, the DiamondPlus™ 1100B provides users with a reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) over competitive UPS units. The small, lightweight DP1100B requires less floor area, saving precious computing space whether in a raised floor application or in an IT “closet.” The modular DP1100B UPS allows customers the flexibility to scale with the growing needs of their businesses. The DiamondPlus™ 1100B is also ENERGY STAR certified, meeting the stringent testing requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency.

“We realize that customers today require the flexibility to deploy systems based on the changing needs of their businesses, said Dean Datre, general manager, Mitsubishi Electric Power Products’ UPS division. “The new DP1100B lowers IT and facility managers’ costs while maximizing energy efficiency, reliability and scalability.”

The DiamondPlus™ 1100B has fully digital screens and front access, allowing easy monitoring and easy access for maintenance. In addition, the DiamondPlus™ 1100B’s power and battery modules are “hot swappable” so there is no need to leave the load unprotected when performing maintenance and/or repair. Finally, the UPS series is fully supported by Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc.’s factory–direct, 7x24x365 services, training, and application expertise.