May 15, 2013

Big Data Dashboard Reporting Adds Business Intelligence to Capitalize on Untapped Parts Revenue

The Uptime Blog

Author: Diane Vautier

Last week Enigma introduced our InService® EPC Version 5.5 electronic parts catalog. The new release includes two key features – tablet compatibility and dashboard reporting.  It also contains enhanced performance, improved functionality, and more detailed administrative control with the ability to broadcast messages to users system wide.

May 22, 2013

Popping up in Marseille

Datacenter Dynamics Blog

Author: Penny Jones

When IX Reach in the UK offered free 100Mb connections into France-IX’s exchange in Paris in February, France-IX expected a small response. But more than 15 companies in two weeks accepted the offer and opened up in the French hub, highlighting the cross-channel demand that is now entering the market.

Stephen Wilcox, founder and CTO of IX Reach, said such demand for an internet exchange was almost unheard of.

May 23, 2013

Peek at Panel Discussion with Revlon and NetApp CIO at GigaOm Structure

Green Data Center Blog

GigaOm Structure is less than a month away and I am moderating a panel with Revlon and NetApp CIOs.

“How Infrastructure Can Transform Business Success.”

In this session we focus in on how the right IT infrastructure can create significant competitive advantage. Understanding that IT’s job is to make systems work for people, rather than people working for systems, Revlon sought to align IT to the business with the successful implementation of a private cloud. Their resulting infrastructure turned 3.6PB of data into a business driver and runs more than 500 applications in a virtualized environment. Their initiative has demonstrated clear ROI.

May 23, 2013

Detroit. The Data Center Capital of America

Compass Data Center’s Compass Points

Author: Chris Crosby

Life is good in Altoona, Iowa. With the coming of Facebook, servers will quickly outnumber the community’s 15,000 residents and the city is poised to become one of the country’s leading data center destinations. The citizenry of Altoona are, of course, ecstatic at their good fortune. The economic benefits alone are too numerous to consider. The police department is contemplating adding a second car, the country club might add nine more holes so members can play a full 18, and there’s a rumor going around that Krispy Kreme might be coming to town. Yes indeed, the gentrification of Altoona has begun — and good for them.

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