STULZ Air Technology Systems, Inc. has introduced the STULZ CyberHandler packaged outdoor air handling system, a highly energy-efficient centralized cooling solution for data centers that frees up valuable indoor white space. The new CyberHandler system is modular, scalable, and configured to a customer’s unique requirements. The system arrives completely pre-assembled and can be placed on the data center facility’s roof or next to the building on ground level. The CyberHandler’s full set of controls is ready “out of the box.”Precision Environmental Control from STULZ

In addition, the system is easily networked with other CyberHandler units and is compatible with all common protocols for building control software and for integration into DCIM. Features include a high-efficiency variable speed EC fan array to provide redundancy and minimal energy consumption; chilled water (CW) and packaged direct expansion (DX) solutions are available with a wide range of capacities, which can be combined with an airside economizer option with or without direct adiabatic cooling, and or a waterside economizer option for DX/CW or CW/CW coil configurations; and a standard STULZ E² Controller to ensure precise control.