iRise® has announced the launch of iRise Cloud Hosting, a service to help companies streamline the adoption of software visualization throughout the organization to speed project start up and time to market.

With iRise, some of the most recognizable brands in the world are using software visualization to help their business and IT departments better communicate, collaborate and ultimately deliver better software in less time. iRise Cloud Hosting is another example of efficiently supporting visualization across an organization by delivering many of the back-end software and hardware requirements such as networking, storage, compliance and security into a virtual service that can be managed from the cloud.

“IT and development organizations continue to look for ways to streamline processes, collaborate across internal, customer and partner networks, and drive products to market faster,” said Maurice Martin, iRise president, COO and founder. “With iRise Cloud Hosting, companies can spend less time on server and license administration and more time on innovating.”

Offering three distinct tiers, iRise provides hosting options that best meet the needs of IT departments. 

iRise Cloud:  Entry-level option, providing the basic hosting features to get started with the visualization and collaboration process.

iRise Managed Cloud: A comprehensive hosting, administration and management  service supporting iRise Definition Center, Accelerator and CodeGen products, allowing users to focus on the development process while iRise takes care of the back-end.

iRise Dedicated Managed Cloud: Designed for organizations with stringent security and governance requirements, this offering provides a safe and secure way to connect with external clients and partners that may not be allowed within an organization’s firewall.

All three iRise Cloud Hosting options allow companies to quickly and cost-effectively set up and administer the platform without lengthy procurement allocation processes and incurring capital expenditures. Additionally, installing upgrades, license administration, monitoring and performance tuning are all easily managed through this virtual hosted environment.