Emerson Network Power has announced two models of the Liebert® NXLuninterruptible power supply (UPS)  earned ENERGY STAR® qualification, the 480V input 800 and 1100 kVA models. The highest-capacity transformer-based UPS in the industry, the Liebert NXL offers the operating efficiency typically found in a transformer-free UPS with the added dependability and fault tolerance the transformer provides. Both qualified models of the Liebert NXL UPS are available for 60 Hz applications across North America.

As part of its larger electrical equipment efficiency improvement program, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instituted its ENERGY STAR for UPS program in late 2012, affecting UPS products rated greater than or equal to 1500 watts. To qualify for the ENERGY STAR certification, the Liebert NXL was subjected to testing by a UPS-specific certification body recognized by the EPA. This certification process examines products based on average power, efficiency and efficiency variation for determination of steady-state, and UPS products meeting the EPA’s requirements use an average of 35 percent less energy than their standard counterparts.

“This ENERGY STAR qualification further supports the fact that the Liebert NXL transformer-based system contributes to the overall efficiency of large capacity data centers,” said David Sonner, vice president, marketing, Emerson Network Power in North America.

Emerson Network Power’s Energy Logic 2.0 attributes seven percent of total energy consumption to the UPS in an unoptimized data center. At a total data center capacity of 3000 kW and electricity costs of $.10 kW/hour, a facility could save approximately $90,000 per year with Liebert NXL units operating in Active Eco-Mode 50 percent of the time. The transformer-based Liebert NXL UPS can significantly reduce those costs by delivering the industry’s best operating efficiency at typical load levels in double-conversion mode with up to 98 percent efficiency when operating in Active Eco-Mode. With the Active Eco-Mode approach, the inverter remains on line in a zero-power state while the system operates on bypass, providing the ability to instantaneously assume the load if the bypass source performs outside accepted limits.

The Liebert APM row-based UPS and 11 models of the Liebert GXT3 rackmount UPS have also earned ENERGY STAR qualification within the last year.