Emerson Network Power has published three executive briefs to help CIOs sort through some of the most pressing issues and decisions they and their organizations will face. The three briefs address:

  • IT operational and electrical efficiency
  • Planning for the future
  • Do you need a new data center?

Identifying the Biggest IT Resource Drains” looks at six common data center inefficiencies, including heterogeneous environments, needlessly high SLAs and excessive capacity buffers. By finding and correcting these resource drains, IT leaders can free up time and money for proactive planning.

In “Planning for the Future of IT: Becoming More Agile, Available and Valuable to the Business,” the CIO is presented with four strategies designed to help support more robust and complex networks of users, customers, partners and suppliers and, in the process, increase IT’s value to the business. One of those strategies involves tying availability to criticality, and the brief explains possible approaches—including, but not limited to, cloud computing—that do just that.

The third brief, “Do You Need a New Data Center? Options for businesses that are outgrowing their critical infrastructure” helps CIOs break down that difficult—and often expensive—question and be confident in the eventual answer. A new data center can cost in the range of $12-17 million per megawatt—an investment no organization should take lightly. The brief will help CIOs understand what they can and can’t do in existing facilities and decide if and when it is time build new.

All three briefs are available at www.EmersonNetworkPower.com/CIOtopics.