Geist has announced the launch of Opengate By Geist, a move to consolidate recently acquired Opengate Data Systems into the Geist solutions family while retaining Opengate’s considerable brand reputation and industry-earned recognition.

Opengate By Geist bolsters the company’s ability to assist in the design and implementation of efficient holistic systems within the data center, integrating power and environmental metrics with DCiM solutions. Offering customizable solutions ranging from small closets to entire data center solutions, the Opengate By Geist containment solution utilizes sophisticated temperature and pressure sensors to control fan speeds and exhaust hot air at the most efficient rate. This unique approach to data center cooling earned a prestigious Green Enterprise IT Award from the Uptime Institute.

Mark Germagian, Opengate president, said: “This marks an exciting new era in the evolution of Opengate. Building upon our reputation as cooling, containment and airflow specialists our new brand positioning allows us to offer both existing and new customers immense added value through the Geist brand family.” (Mark Germagian)

Brad Wilson, executive vice president of Geist Data Center Solutions Group said, “We’re proud to position Opengate front and center as one of our core product brands. We’re incredibly excited at the thought of where this can lead, and looking forward to strengthening our data center solution set with Opengate By Geist.” (Brad Wilson)

The move will see Geist’s current Agile Air offering upgraded to Opengate By Geist products, effective from Monday, May 13.