TrendPoint Systems, Inc. has announced the expansion of its EnerSure product line with the release of the Integrated Branch Circuit Power Meter (iBCPM). The EnerSure iBCPM represents the next generation of power board metering, with third-party verified class 1 accuracy.

"The release of the EnerSure iBCPM opens a whole new market for us," said Lisa Mandell, president of TrendPoint Systems. "Previously, we focused on retrofit opportunities, but this new product lets us become an OEM for new builds. We're looking forward to working directly with PDU manufacturers and are excited to offer a fully-featured and extremely accurate solution for their needs."

The EnerSure iBCPM is built on TrendPoint's existing best-in-class metering platform, which ensures it offers all the same advantages in accuracy, adaptability, and flexibility. The meter installs on any panelboard configuration and gathers precise power information on amps, volts, power factor, watts and kWh, and it's certified to provide utility-grade data on each branch circuit. Power metrics from the iBCPM can integrate with any building management system (BMS) or DCIM system via Modbus TCP, SNMP or BACnetIP.

The EnerSure iBCPM stands apart from the competition in data management. Powered by the TrendPoint xD Processor, the iBCPM provides data and event logging as a standard feature. The 9 onboard data logs can record 120 data points, each with intervals as fast as 30 seconds. Using a standard microSD card, users can record thousands of time-stamped data points. The onboard event logs also record alarm indications for sequence of events correlation.

EnerSure iBCPM's pluggable CT design allows users to vary the CT sizes used in the system. CTs can be added or removed after the system is deployed and are available in any size from 75 to 4000 amps. Additionally, the iBCPM is the only product that provides all standard forms of data connectivity without the need for gateways or additional hardware.

The EnerSure iBCPM is also adaptable. Its panel board strip can be linked with EnerSure Bus cards to provide additional monitoring up to 120 circuits on a single iBCPM system. Users can add more circuits in 4 or 8 circuit groups.