Geist hosted the second annual Geist Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCiM) Symposium on May 7th in Denver. Nearly 100 data center experts from around the country joined the day long summit to explore the state and future of DCiM solutions across the globe.

Attendees participated in several in-depth sessions discussing how to create more intelligent data center environments, current market trends and the value of DCiM through robust reporting and toolsets. In addition, Geist provided a sneak preview of its new Asset Management module and the coming release of Environet 4.0.

“We built our symposium on bringing data center leaders together to delve into the challenges, current trends and potential innovations of DCiM. This event gives leading data center professionals the opportunity to come together to share their experiences and learn from each other,” says Geist DCiM President, Matt Lane.

Along with a host of DCiM presentations, data center professionals participated on roundtable discussions highlighting common challenges and pitfalls of DCiM and how to overcome them.  Industry experts also presented three DCiM case studies that covered challenges and success stories from their own experiences.

“Geist has always been committed to adapting our offering to meet the specific needs of our clients. he symposium gives us the unique opportunity to talk to our clients about their challenges and listen to their ideas for future DCiM toolsets.” says Matt Lane.

Details on the 2014 Geist DCiM Symposium will be available starting this fall on Geist’s website.