451 Research has announced that Eric Hanselman, chief analyst, and Chris Hazelton, research director, mobile and wireless, will be speaking at Interop Las Vegas 2013, which will be held May 6-10 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Hanselman is chairing the Networking track and will moderate a keynote panel on the future of software-defined networking. Hazelton will moderate a panel that addresses how enterprises can effectively manage 'bring your own device' (BYOD) deployments with an emphasis on mobile applications.

Preparing for and Managing Disruptive Change in Networking

Networking is experiencing tremendous upheaval, driven by the advent of hypervisor-based virtual networks. The rise of merchant silicon-based networking gear and the virtualization of ever greater swaths of network connectivity have changed how networks are built and where – and by whom – value is delivered. With many of networking's historical problems being solved in silicon, software is the area for differentiation, and the ability to rapidly innovate is changing capabilities and expectations. Eric covers these emerging networking technologies extensively, looks at how these profound changes will affect the digital infrastructure ecosystem, and provides expert, strategic guidance to enterprises.

A recognized industry thought leader, Eric will moderate the keynote panel on software-defined networking (SDN) at Interop on May 8:

SDN Keynote Panel: Deep Network Impact – Riding the Shockwave of Change in Networking

Moderator:Eric Hanselman

Date: May 8 at 10:30 am

Location:Mandalay Bay H

Panelists: Martin Casado, chief architect, Networking, VMware; Rajeev Nagar, group program manager, Windows Core Networking, Microsoft; Rajiv Ramaswami, executive vice president & general manager, Infrastructure and Networking Group, Broadcom

Eric will also moderate a panel discussion, 'Enabling Change with Network Management,' that will examine whether or not sophisticated network management can help enterprises navigate these disruptive changes and mitigate unintended consequences:

Session:Enabling Change with Network Management

Date: May 9 at 11:30 am

Location:Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Lagoon H

Eric Hanselman has an extensive hands-on understanding of a broad range of IT subject areas, having direct experience in the areas of networks, virtualization, security, and semiconductors. Eric helps 451 Research's clients understand how market and technology trends may impact them, and how they can best capitalize on them.

EnterpriseMobility in the Digital Infrastructure Landscape

Mobility is essential to organizational success, but the solutions for managing devices, apps, data, and expenses are anything but standardized. Chris Hazelton will moderate a panel, 'Great Debate: Managing Mobile Applications and Data,' that will discuss management and policy specification solutions, how mobility fits into the digital infrastructure taxonomy, and the alignment of IT, business, and end users.

Session:Great Debate: Managing Mobile Applications and Data

Date: May 9 at 2:30 pm

Location:Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Lagoon B

Chris Hazelton runs 451 Research's Mobile and Wireless research practice, which covers hardware, software, and services for both enterprise and consumer mobility markets. Chris' research focuses on enterprise mobility management supporting smartphones and tablets in business. He is primarily interested in the shift in enterprise computing from desktop to mobile.