A call for papers and exhibitors has been made by the organizers of The Data Center Marketplace™ Live Summit, which will be held October 29-30, 2013 in Philadelphia.

Papers on data center real estate site selection, investment and incentives, as well as sustainable, highly efficient construction; cooling and power technologies; efficiency; and energy conservation incentives are currently being accepted.

Presentations will be accepted from federal, state, and local (ex.: Forest City, NC, Prineville, OR) economic incentive program managers, commercial and corporate data center and telecom operators, and REITs, with site selection and incentive evaluation expertise, real estate investment and tax experts, data center real estate knowledge experts, carbon and renewable energy credit experts, utilities and renewable energy companies.

More than 400 attendees are expected at the events as well as exhibitors, media, and sponsors.

Recipients for awards will be selected for best in class papers, presentations, and exhibits in the following areas:
* Site Selection Methodology
* Economic Development Program
* Sustainable Construction
* Energy Efficiency

The event will be live streamed and presentations will be recorded at the booths of non-presenting exhibitors and sponsors. These recordings will be posted on a
YouTube channel and will be available for media distribution.

For more information on the event and to submit papers, visit http://datacenterevents.info/summit/marketplace-live/.

To register, visit http://marketplacelive2014.eventbrite.com/.