Boon Edam, Inc. has introduced two fully integrated software and security enhancements for the Tourlock 180+90 security revolving door, BoonConnect™ and BoonSentry™. Both tools will available for preview and demonstrations in Booth #8035 at ISC West in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 10-12, to be released at a future date.


Through an LCD touchscreen built into the endpost of the door, BoonConnect™ provides a suite of features for the facility manager, the service technician and the every day user of the Tourlock security revolving door.

  • Configurable Security Modes– Facility Managers can set different security modes to be operate during certain hours of the day or days of the week. For example, the door can be card in/free out during business hours, card in/card out in the evenings, and locked on weekends.
  • Diagnostic Status– Maintenance technicians can quickly check the status of the door’s sensors, door wing alignment and tuning, motor and logic controller through the LCD touchscreen without having to remove ceiling parts.
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  • Self-Diagnostics and Notification– BoonConnect™ constantly monitors the operations of the door and can send emails to appropriate parties when the door has rotated a certain number of times (time for maintenance) or when sensors or other systems experience a malfunction after a certain number of minutes.
  • User Communication Screens – During normal operations, the LCD touchscreen displays simple, easy to understand icons that communicate to users the status of the door and improve traffic flow. For example: waiting for card/credentials, credentials accepted (enter the door), locked, closed for maintenance, and unauthorized entry. 


BoonSentry™ is an enhanced security upgrade available within the BoonConnect™ platform. It features an embedded,
eye-level video camera system in the door’s endpost that records and stores photographs and videos of after hours loiterers and alerts control room security officers in real time.