Eaton Corporation has released the Eaton 9PX uninterruptible power system (UPS) from 5 to 11 kilovolt-ampere (kVA) applications. The 9PX offers a power protection solution for information technology (IT) and facility managers striving to control energy costs and consumption due to its power management features and more than 93% efficiency ratings. Eaton 9PX uninterruptible power system


The 9PX UPS provides approximately 28% more power than traditional UPS units and is particularly suitable for the protection of medium-to-high-density IT equipment in computer rooms and small data centers in industrial, manufacturing, medical, and telecommunications applications. With a wide variety of available configurations designed to maximize availability and optimize flexibility, the 9PX is tailored to main distribution frame (MDF) and intermediate distribution frame (IDF) applications equipped with high density network switches.

A graphical LCD interface built into the front of the UPS tilts 45 degrees for optimal viewing, rotates to match rack and tower installations, and enables IT and data center managers to view detailed information as well as customize all UPS settings at the push of a button.