Generac Industrial Power has refreshed its 400/500/600kW diesel industrial configured generators for both single and paralleled emergency and standby solutions.mc0313-products-generac-300.jpg

Generac’s 400kW generators now offer a new Perkins 12.5L engine, the 500kW units are powered by the new Perkins 15.2L engine and the 600kW generators contain the Perkins 18.1L. The highly competitive and dependable 1,800 rpm diesel engines from Perkins afford these generators greater levels of efficiency, affordability, ease of maintenance and all of the other collateral benefits of standardization. The company anticipates expanding this initiative to include their Bi-Fuel™ and Gemini® models in future.

The new line of base fuel tanks is now standardized, as well. This uniformity of design allows the company to offer a greater breadth of options to satisfy the demands of the market while still maintaining fast turn-around times.