Digital Realty Trust, Inc. has announced that it has completed the acquisition of 371 Gough Road in Markham, Ontario (Canada), a 120,000-sq-ft data center development property that is located approximately 17 miles north of Toronto's central business district; construction on the facility is subject to demand. The purchase price was C$8.65 million.  

"We have been tracking a significant amount of demand for enterprise-quality data center space with very limited supply in the Toronto market," said Michal F. Foust, chief executive officer of Digital Realty. "The acquisition of this property expands our existing footprint and enables us to support our customers' data center requirements in the Toronto market."

"The property currently consists of warehouse and some office space that is 48% leased to two tenants," said Scott Peterson, chief acquisitions officer of Digital Realty. "As a data center, the facility is capable of supporting approximately 5.4 megawatts of IT load, or four 1,350 kW Turn-Key Flex℠suites, utilizing our new POD Architecture 3.0."

POD Architecture 3.0℠represents an improved, simplified arrangement of components that serves as the foundation of Digital Realty's Turn-Key Flex solution. Core to the enhancement is an increase in critical IT load capacity to 1,200 to 1,300 kW from 1,125 kW. Using only two electrical skids vs. the previous design's three skids, the reduction of the infrastructure footprint will help improve the yield on building space for data centers. POD 3.0 will also produce data centers that feature higher energy efficiency (such as PUE ratings below 1.2).