Madison, WI-based Facility Gateway Corporation has developed a software and back-end site service to support multi-site national data center and telecom clients. It’s “Facility Keys software platform assists data center procurement managers to be efficient in vendor management, crisis remediation, and critical asset analysis and reporting.

“It is not just a software platform that organizes critical facility assets.” says Tyler Marks CEO at FGC, “The technical professionals at Facility Gateway provide important decision assistance during an emergency. They provide the ability to direct technical vendors in an efficient way as industry professionals. The capital intensive activity of a data center requires technical decision and the ability to move quickly on an electrical or mechanical issue. FGC holds the technical capability to deal with those situations for clients. Our clients value our input for remediation of problems and capital decisions.”

The “Facility Keys” software plus Facility Gateway people services provide interactive customer business reviews, tracking of inefficient data center critical assets, and ongoing detailed Cap Ex and Op Ex budget management. “No one carries experts in everything on staff anymore,” says Marks, “we are that professional extension of the facilities department.”