Romonet has launched the U.S. version of Romonet Portal, a cloud-based software suite the enables data center operators to plan, analyze and manage data center operations and costs in ways never before possible. Romonet Portal is the first and only software solution that makes it possible for companies to conduct predictive modeling of their data centers from both an operational perspective and a cost perspective, providing powerful insights about performance and TCO that cannot be derived from traditional tools. Romonet is unveiling the solution to U.S. data center professionals at the Datacenter Dynamics New York event on March 12. 

“Early users of our Portal are calling it the ‘holy grail’ because it addresses long-standing challenges for the data center industry that have been huge headaches for every data center operator. Capacity planning and cost modeling have traditionally been excruciatingly painful tasks that can take months and months of tedious work that produces inaccurate results despite all that labor. The entire process can feel like an exercise in futility, and nearly every data center person I talk to has horror stories about it,” said Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of Romonet, “Romonet Portal brings puts an end to all of those nightmares, and provides information that will help companies save money, reduce risk and plan in a much more intelligent, informed way.”

Romonet Portal is a cloud-based solution that enables data center operators to forecast, plan and measure business performance with greater insight, accuracy and agility than previously possible. Based on Romonet’s proprietary and award-winning predictive modeling technology, Romonet Portal offers data center operators a customizable view of operational and financial performance from portfolio to platform level—providing visibility into data center costs that lowers total cost of ownership, reduces financial risk and increases predictability.

Companies can use Romonet Portal to target, verify and improve performance in the following ways:

•  Forecast operational and cost performance with greater accuracy

•  Actively manage margin by exposing the true cost of delivering IT services

•  Accelerate decision-making across technical and financial stakeholders

•  Systematically reduce risk by highlighting variance against calculated performance         

•  Utilize one performance management software for both Operations & Business management teams

•  Benefit from the same predictive modeling engine as all other Romonet Software Suite products

“Cost analyses that would take months and months, can now be done in hours — with accuracy that removes guesswork and assumption,” added Limbuwala. “Customers can now identify and track the impact of a data center performance on a company’s balance sheet with incredible precision. This solution also enables IT teams to create a compelling business case for a data center that speaks in a language that will resonate with the CIO, CFO, and CEO, who are so often involved in final decisions about data center projects.”