Compass Datacenters and Romonet are partnering to add Romonet's cost and operational analysis portal to Compass' open DCiM platform. This will benefit Compass Datacenters customers by providing the industry's first and only solution for calculating the true total cost of ownership for a data center, including both the capital expense of the project and the ongoing operating expenses.

"The data center industry has desperately needed an effective cost and operational analytic tool for as long as I have been part of it. That need has gotten more acute over the past several years as the cost of data center construction and operations has risen dramatically and as capacity planning has become more complex. One of the holy grails for the industry has been to find a way to predict and control costs, and Romonet's technology does exactly that. That is why we are incorporating it into our DCiM platform," said Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters. "It will give every Compass customer a powerful tool for viewing actual versus predicted performance as well as examining 'what if' capacity planning scenarios to give them greater control over their growth. It will also help them understand their TCO in ways they didn't realize was even possible. This enhanced level of knowledge will enable them to make better-educated decisions regarding data center expenses."

Romonet Portal is a cloud-based solution that enables data center operators to forecast, plan and measure business performance with greater insight, accuracy and agility than previously possible. Based on Romonet's proprietary and award-winning predictive modeling technology, Romonet Portal offers data center operators a customizable view of operational and financial performance from portfolio to platform level—providing visibility into data center costs that lowers total cost of ownership, reduces financial risk and increases predictability.

"Estimating data center costs using traditional methods—primarily with large spreadsheets—is frustrating, slow and highly inaccurate. The cost identification process can typically take a year or more, and those estimates often prove to be wildly imprecise and, by then, out of date despite the hard work that went into creating them. It's a challenge that has been torturous for data center professionals, but our technology thankfully makes that a thing of the past," said Zahl Limbuwala, CEO of Romonet. "Cost analyses that would take months and months, can now be done in hours—with accuracy that removes guesswork and assumption. The Romonet Software Suite enables customers to identify and track the impact of a data center performance on a company's balance sheet. Perhaps even more importantly, it helps IT teams create a compelling business case for a data center that will resonate with the C-Level executives who need to buy in before a project can be greenlit."