IBM has announced that Fullerton India Credit Company Limited, one of India's leading non-banking finance companies with more than 350 branches across India, has selected IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery, a cloud-based disaster recovery service, to ensure business continuity and operational resiliency for its clients' critical financial transactions.

Despite strong competition, IBM was chosen with an extensive cloud-based disaster recovery solution.

FullertonIndia, which started commercial operations in 2007, offers a range of financial services, including working capital and business loans for SMEs, business loans to small and micro enterprises, home mortgage, two-wheeler and commercial vehicle finance, and personal loans, among others. The company operates in 300 towns and cities and more than 12,500 villages across urban and rural India and has nearly one million customers.

FullertonIndia runs its critical applications from a data center in Navi Mumbai. In the highly competitive financial market, the company's business critically depends on its ability to process a large number of financial transactions continuously at the lowest cost possible. Any unplanned downtime means disruption in business operations resulting in significant financial losses, and more importantly, damage to brand reputation and customer satisfaction. 

IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery helps enterprises build cloud-based business resilience and meet their business demands at a lower cost. The IBM solution will enable Fullerton India to quickly and affordably recover data and infrastructure during times of disruption. It will also ensure that the company seamlessly continues its business operations, without any disruption to client service. The disaster recovery solution will be hosted in an IBM managed data center in Bangalore. IBM will also perform 24/7 monitoring and management of the hosted infrastructure.

"Disaster preparedness and recovery is imperative in today's world. The implication of any business  'interruption' is costly and significantly impacts customer service," said Anoop Handa, executive vice president/CIO, Fullerton India Credit Company. "IBM has offered a business resilience strategy to make our infrastructure highly resilient in a cost effective way, reducing recovery time, and seamlessly protecting our critical data at an alternate site."

IBM SmartCloud Virtualized Server Recovery service helps speed server recovery time and increases reliability of server recovery by leveraging world class automation and cloud tools. It minimizes the risk of failure due to the installation of disparate hardware and provides remote server access tools to help reduce cost and time as well as the inconvenience of travelling to the recovery site.

"The enterprise-grade cloud can help clients — even in the most mission-critical situations such as disaster recovery — gain more efficiencies in their business," said KS Raghunandan, Director, Integrated Technology Services, Global Technology Services, IBM India/South Asia. "By taking advantage of this cloud service, Fullerton India will not only be able to reduce server recovery time but also ensure high availability and increased operational efficiency, without the typical capital investments required in a dedicated infrastructure for disaster recovery."