ABB has announced Switzerland-based Green has deployed Decathlon™ Version 2 data center infrastructure management (DCIM) system as an integral part of the information and communications technology (ICT) service provider’s green information technology strategy.

At the center of Green’s approach is the world’s most powerful DC data center, which opened 2012. The site, which is growing towards 10,000-square-meters of IT space, is one of four in Switzerland where the company is leveraging Decathlon, a DCIM solution providing visibility, expert decision support and control technologies across enterprise-wide data center operations.

“Data centers are the foundation of our business, so we strategically invest in the most scalable, secure and energy-efficient facilities and management technologies. Our Zurich West project with ABB is one example; Decathlon is another,” explained Franz Grüter, Green CEO. “Advanced automation of our data centers is our ultimate goal. We will use Decathlon to expedite us through the stages of our data center evolution.”

Decathlon provides Green with advanced power and environmental controls and monitoring. As the company adds renewable power sources – such as solar on and off-site – Decathlon will optimize the two-way power flow to and from the grid. The DCIM system will also enable all four data center sites to be monitored and controlled from any one of several locations.

“Energy is no longer a one-way street with dollars showing as a negative line item on an organization’s balance sheet,” explained Jim Shanahan, head of ABB’s global data center automation business. “Green is a great example of a forward-looking organization that has turned the standard model on its head. Within its data center operations, energy has become currency and a profit generator.”

In addition to the Decathlon open-platform suite, Green also installed ABB’s sophisticated extended operator workstation (EOW), which serves as an operations command center and encourages an efficient workflow and dynamic view into the data center operations.

ABB launched Decathlon Version 2 in early November 2012, which was built on decades of proven success with energy efficient, mission critical systems for industrial applications and leadership in automation technology. The capabilities Green desired in Decathlon Version 2 are made possible through granular, real-time monitoring and analytics of data center equipment performance, power and water consumption, and environmental factors that impact the data center and ultimately, business continuity.