Colo Atl has announced it has completed a significant build-out of its 55 Marietta Street facility in downtown Atlanta. The build-out includes increased colocation and data center space, and a number of new amenities, including a state-of-the-art conference facility, and meet me area operated by Colo Atl’s sister company, The Georgia Technology Center (GTC). The facility is also home to the Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP), which provides next-generation Internet Exchange (IX) solutions, including SDN peering, testing, collaboration and implementation.

“As we expand to provide the best possible colocation and interconnection to more global tenant and carrier providers, it’s imperative that we also embrace and enable the development of burgeoning network technologies, such as SDN,” states Tim Kiser, owner and founder of Colo Atl. “Our goal has always been to provide affordable interconnection options, quickly. Additionally, we must deliver the network technologies that meet the objectives of the global Internet community. The Colo Atl facility expansion is designed to meet those needs.”

Via the Colo Atl facility, SNAP offers 100 Mbps to 10Gbps access ports, and both IPv4 and IPv6 peering. Route servers allow networks to simplify their peering operations, while SNAP permits other traditional peering models utilizing either user-managed peering or VLANs as needed to meet member objectives. 

SNAP also provides an exchange for Software Defined Networks (SDN), initially peering with the regional research and education networks, and ultimately into the commercial networking space. SDN peering on the SNAP benefits from the technical expertise of Charter Members, such as the Georgia Institute of Technology, US Ignite, and transformative research provided through the National Science Foundation’s Global Environment for Network Innovations (GENI).

Established in November 2001, the fully built out infrastructure of the Colo Atl colocation and Meet Me Room (MMR) facility is located on the 5th and 8th floors of 55 Marietta Street in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The Colo Atl facility provides a dedicated working environment to its 70-plus tenants and carriers and was built on a “customer first” philosophy.