Raritan has introduced dcTrack® 3.0 DCIM software providing new capabilities to make it easier for data center professionals to obtain information on their data center infrastructures. 

Many data centers are managed with spreadsheets, homegrown databases or diagramming solutions that often become inaccurate and unwieldy when managing thousands of servers and supporting components and the complexity of today's data centers.  dcTrack DCIM software, instead, provides real-time, accurate information and new insights on data center assets, infrastructure capacity, and energy use from any Web browser with just a few clicks.  Thereby, eliminating the need to go to a rack to look at the power chain, network connections, and empty slots each time a server change needs to be made.

New capabilities in dcTrack 3.0 further simplify the capturing of infrastructure and asset data; managing of equipment adds, moves and changes; and generating of analytics-based insight reports to help with decision making. 

Among the new features in dcTrack 3.0 is the My Company Library, an asset model sub-library tailored for an organization to make it easier and faster to enter data and obtain information.  Enhancements to dcTrack 3.0 also improve change management and workflow processes through integration with external CMDB and ticketing systems – making it easier to electronically exchange information with customers' existing systems and processes. 

"Raritan is the leading DCIM provider because our solutions answer the questions that data center professional have to answer on a daily basis:  'Show me what is in rack 5.'   'Show me every device supporting our CRM system.'  'Tell me when this data center will run out of capacity or energy; better yet, give me some suggestions on how I can extend the life of the data center.'  'Tell me how much energy we are using,'" says James Cerwinski, DCIM product manager at Raritan.  "dcTrack simplifies all stages of DCIM – from data gathering to generating insight reports – so that customers have an easy-to-use solution, instead of a time-consuming digital beast to feed that often occurs with other solutions."

dcTrack 3.0's asset-auto-discovery and self-learning process engines and ad hoc reporting capabilities are all designed to support easy deployment of the solution and to enable data center professionals to easily get the answers to their questions. dcTrack 3.0, which is available worldwide, has a pay-as-you-grow pricing structure based on the number of data center cabinets.