CoSentry has announced its partnership with Chenega Logistics, part of Chenega Corporation. Together, the organizations now have available a network of compliant data centers, secure cloud computing capabilities, managed services, and a unique cyber technology exchange for both private and public sector organizations.

“This partnership creates a confluence of long term, demonstrable experience with complex data center capabilities and the specialized design and support required in today’s key compliance sectors,” said Michael Montgomery, president of Chenega Logistics. He added, “CoSentry brings experience, expertise and industry leadership to our relationship. Combined with our existing facilities, Chenega Logistics network of data centers are now in a position to meet most private and public sector requirements.”

The agreement allowed for the integration of data center computing, storage and network fabric with common compliance, regulation and certification standards.  This allows for a common service framework which can be expanded on demand. The organizations are also involved in the development of a new cyber technology exchange that will benefit government and academic members.

“Chenega Logistics’ has built long term success in the public sector and recognized the strong foundation of CoSentry’s Echelon compliant cloud and data center services,” commented Derek Gillespie, chief sales officer for CoSentry. He continued, “Our intent is to continuously improve security and compliance options for our clients, we have entered into this strong, transparent, agile partnership for that purpose.”

Company leaders indicated that functionality is now in place and service will be available February 21, 2013. Further announcements regarding a new data center and advanced capabilities located in Richmond, VA, are planned for early March. The partnership has specific capabilities that address the needs of the healthcare industry and associated HIPAA HITECH requirements. Related Homeland Security and Defense regulations and compliance can also be addressed with both the managed technical services and secure cloud computing options of the network partnership.