Cologix™ has announced the successful commissioning and launch of its 2nd data center in the Dallas INFOMART at 1950 North Stemmons Freeway. The 12,000-sq-ft data center holds 300+ cabinets and is supported by 3.2 MW of power, sourced from three diverse sub-stations. Customers in the new data center have the ability to directly interconnect with existing customers and 25+ networks in Cologix’s existing MMR as well as accessing other tenants in the carrier hotel.

Cologix's new Dallas data center includes hot aisle containment pods, modular power distribution units (PDUs), and the latest in modular in-row cooling technology, which collectively provide for rapid power deployments and the ability to dynamically cool equipment specific to the needs of individual cabinets. 

"Our hot aisle containment and In-Row cooling systems are unique in the Dallas market and provide for enhanced customer experience and efficiency," said Rob DeVita, general manager of Cologix Texas. "We are excited to introduce this technology to the Dallas community and look forward to supporting our customers’ growth."

Dallas-Fort Worth is the fourth largest metro market in the US and host to twenty Fortune 500 company headquarters.  Its central location and network density make it a primary Internet peering point and natural location for regional and national network nodes.

"The continued rapid adoption of the cloud by all customer segments is dramatically elevating traffic and network performance requirements, which continues to heighten the value of colocation and interconnection options in the downtown INFOMART," sid Grant van Rooyen, CEO, Cologix. "Cologix is focused on providing our customers network neutral access to broad connectivity options, represented today in this new Dallas inventory."

The new Dallas facility is Cologix's 12th North American data center, including key carrier hotel locations in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Minneapolis, and Dallas.