Geist has announced that its DCiM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) division is now serving its 100th customer.

“We are so pleased to announce the partnership with our 100th DCiM customer,” says Matt Lane, president of the DCiM Division at Geist. “This milestone demonstrates that clients across the globe recognize the benefits of Geist’s highly adaptable management platforms. This accomplishment also solidifies our role as one of the top providers of sophisticated DCiM solutions in the world. This is a real tribute to our technology, our team, and our commitment to our customers, in a very competitive data center market.”

Geist has deployed over 350 separate instances of their software solutions, Environet and Racknet, in over 20 countries worldwide. Clients are consistently choosing the Geist DCiM solution over the competition because these customizable systems provide greater operational awareness that help improve data center efficiencies and prevent downtime. With features like real-time monitoring and alarming, reporting, user-friendly interfaces, histories and more, Geist DCiM gives clients an integrated single pane of glass to manage their entire data center infrastructure. Most any equipment, regardless of manufacturer, can be integrated into the Geist solutions including power, HVAC, environmental, fire, life safety, security, BMS, and other information critical to the operation of the facility. Geist couples this extensive integration with the ability to forecast and manage capacities within the datacenter to provide a comprehensive system that provides real value every day.

Brad Wilson, executive vice president at Geist says, “We recognize having 350 plus instances of our software running in over 100 of our customers’ facilities as a significant accomplishment, but it’s only the beginning. Our unmatched level of service to our clients and our innovative DCiM offering will help us continue to grow our solutions worldwide.”