Cannon Technologies’ has released its Incremental T4 Modular Datacentre — a complete external grade data center building that can be almost any size or shape and is capable of withstanding wind, rain, snow, seismic activity, hurricanes, and desert heat yet can be specified (and extended) in units as small as one standard data rack width. A complete building in its own right, able to house offices and NOCs in addition to data halls, and in many jurisdictions it needs no planning permission because, despite its 25+ year design life it can be classed as a temporary structure. Modular Data Centers

The unit protects investment through ease of assembly, transport, and reuse, without the need for cranes or special transporters and road closures for delivery. Every panel is one-man manageable and simply slots together to form a building complete with data racks in place. From site delivery to complete working data center from a few days to two or three weeks.