TELEHOUSE America has named Toshiro Ogino as its new chief operating officer. Formerly with KDDI Japan, Ogino is now part of the senior management team at TELEHOUSE America, headquartered in Staten Island, NY.

Ogino joined KDDI Japan in April 1986 shortly after obtaining a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the graduate school of Waseda University in Tokyo. Since that time Ogino has worked in various senior management positions at KDDI and its associated subsidiary companies.

Previously, Ogino served as managing director/CEO/CFO for more than two years in the KDDI & BT Global Solutions Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, a joint venture between KDDI and British Telecom plc. In this capacity, he played an integral role on the management board and exercised the company's business objectives, operational policies, procedures and goals over the past four years.

Prior to joining KDDI & BT Global Solutions Corporation, Ogino was general manager of Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) at KDDI Japan. This is his second assignment in the U.S., having worked at the International Organization ("Intelsat") from 1993 through 1998, based in Washington, D.C.

“Among the various enhanced products under KDDI Group’s Global Business, I strongly believe that the datacenter business plays an essential role to enhance KDDI’s global business strategies, specifically in the U.S. market,” states Ogino. “I’m very pleased to join the superior team of TELEHOUSE America, in working together to strengthen the corporate resources needed to ensure 2013 will be a remarkable growth period for the company.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Ogino to our team, and look forward to working with him to develop a new vision for growth and expansion in the coming years,” states Satoshi Adachi, vice president for TELEHOUSE America.