Cologix™ has released the platform-wide launch of its Standard Connections product. The product has been available in Toronto and is now being expanded into Cologix’s carrier hotel data centers in Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal, and Vancouver. The Standard Connections product allows customers to leverage leased access into a Cologix controlled environment to colocate a single Ethernet switch or router. Deploying a presence through Standard Connections provides low cost, low risk access to the network providers in Cologix’s Meet-Me-Rooms as well as the network customers on the colocation floors. Effective immediately, customers will be able to purchase the Standard Connections product at 1950 North Stemmons in Dallas, 511 11th Avenue South in Minneapolis, 1250 Rene Levesque West in Montreal and 555 West Hastings Street in Vancouver.

“Introducing Standard Connections to Dallas, Minneapolis, Montreal and Vancouver is a natural step which builds on the success that we have already seen in Toronto,” said Graham Williams, senior vice president of product and strategy at Cologix. “We already have over 100 customers taking advantage of the product’s unique benefits which has driven a more robust interconnection community and is directly responsive to what our customers are asking for in other markets.”

Standard Connections can be leveraged in a number of use cases, but the core value is its low risk, low cost access to Cologix’s interconnection community. Hurricane Electric has taken advantage of these benefits in Toronto explains Reid Fishler, director at Hurricane Electric, “Over the last two years Hurricane Electric’s presence at Standard Connections has enabled us to broaden our network reach through the opportunity for additional peering relationships, while continuing our strategic global expansion.” Some customers use Standard Connections to expand their network’s geographic reach.“We needed a way to quickly and cost effectively onramp traffic from customers in Toronto and Vancouver back to our global network,” explained Dave Scammell, CEO of Sohonet, a services company for the media and entertainment industry. “We became a Standard Connections customer in 2012 to create points of presence without significant capital so we could leverage the power of our existing network.”

Regan Kerry, chief technology officer of Epik Networks highlights another benefit, “We largely maintain our own data center facilities, but learned early on that without broad choice of networks our switching costs were too high. We deployed switches within the Standard Connections environment in both 151 Front Street in Toronto and 555 West Hastings in Vancouver, so that our procurement team could gain access to all of the network providers without having to replicate or migrate our existing infrastructure. The service has paid for itself many times over.”

Customers looking to interconnect at 1950 North Stemmons in Dallas, 511 11th Avenue South in Minneapolis, 1250 Rene Levesque West in Montreal, and 555 West Hastings Street in Vancouver, will be able have access to the product which includes individual rack units for network switches or routers, redundant UPS power and a cross connect to bring the leased access from one of the network providers in Cologix’s Meet-Me-Room to the point of presence. Across the portfolio, Cologix sees that interconnection is driven by businesses at different stages in their life-cycle. Introducing the Standard Connections product beyond Toronto is intended to provide additional entry points to the interconnection ecosystem for a low monthly price and low capital cost to create effectively zero risk for customers in the process of building their connections in a given market.