RagingWire Data Centers has implemented TrendPoint Systems EnerSure on over 16,000 circuits at its Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Energy Star certified Sacramento data center.

Jason Weckworth, vice president data center operations for RagingWire, explains, "With TrendPoint products installed we now have the capability to determine the power consumption costs for each user with true utility-grade accuracy. We did a thorough search of existing and proposed products and selected TrendPoint's products to be a key element of our data center infrastructure management systems.

"RagingWire gains a competitive advantage with our ability to charge for actual energy usage versus a flat charge for energy consumption," continued Weckworth. "It's clear that with the rising use of energy in data centers, you need to create a positive feedback loop to individual customers allowing them to see and respond to their energy usage. With the TrendPoint branch circuit power meters and our custom billing management software, we are able to both accurately bill our customers and help them be responsive to the challenges of their own green IT initiatives."

Seventy-four EnerSure utility grade branch circuit power meters measure the amperage, voltage, power factor and wattage from RagingWire's 16,000 circuits and calculate wattage within 1 percent accuracy.

"RagingWire leads the data center industry with its patented energy delivery systems and flexible, high-density power," said Roger MacFarlane, CEO of TrendPoint. "The combination of TrendPoint's EnerSure meters and RagingWire's world-class infrastructure and customer experience model is a perfect fit for critical applications and web-centric services such as cloud computing and software-as-a-service (SaaS)."

Measurements at RagingWire include single phase (two wire and three wire), as well as three phase circuits, all at full utility-grade readings. Customers are billed on real time power consumption data, which enables them to reduce power usage. "The onboard Ethernet, flexible CT lengths and sizes, and multiple communication protocols contributed to the ease of integration with our existing software systems on a large scale," said Weckworth.

TrendPoint is being implemented in RagingWire's Sacramento, California and Ashburn, Virginia campuses. These campuses feature RagingWire's patented power delivery system and the most technologically advanced and energy efficient infrastructure available in the data center industry. RagingWire is unique in the data center colocation marketplace because its facilities are designed, built, tested, and operated by in-house data center experts and operators. The combination of RagingWire people, process, and technology results in a service level agreement (SLA) that is unmatched in the industry—100 percent availability with no downtime even during maintenance windows.

"Our customers count on our infrastructure and our engineering and design skills," said Weckworth. "We thoroughly research and evaluate technology before moving forward and TrendPoint met or exceeded all of our requirements. As RagingWire expands its operations, we will continue to invest in the most innovative technologies and practices to insure that RagingWire's data centers are the most efficient and reliable in the country."