Emerson Network Power has introduced the ASCO Fault Tolerant Backbone to help maximize uptime, performance, and security of Critical Power Management Systems (CPMS). The Fault Tolerant Backbone maximizes power reliability within a CPMS and provides monitoring and control of all critical systems (transfer switches, paralleling control switch gear, gen sets, circuit breakers, power distribution, and other gear) within a hospital, data center, telecommunications site, or other mission-critical facility or campus. The Fault Tolerant Backbone increases uptime and helps maintain visibility and management of critical power equipment without any data loss.mc1112-products-emerson-300.jpg

The ASCO Fault Tolerant Backbone consists of three redundant self-healing gigabit fiber rings trunked together to allow all VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) to take advantage of available bandwidth. Each ring allows data to flow both clockwise or counter-clockwise. Failure at any point in one ring changes the direction of data flow within 20 miliseconds without any loss of data. This sophisticated technology proactively locates faults before communication fails, rather than reporting and reacting to the failure as it occurs.