CyrusOne has announced it is the first in the industry to use Gordon Data Center Products heavy-duty, rod-suspended ceiling structures in an open plenum design for colocation. 

The design of Gordon’s structural ceiling grid gives customers the flexibility and durability unachievable by ceiling solutions historically seen in commercial data center settings. Historical solutions require two separate structures—an acoustical ceiling tile (ACT) drop ceiling hung beneath an industrial-grade uni-strut infrastructure. The Gordon grid solution—available in a 4-by-4 grid and 2-by-4 grid for light-fixture drop-in—has the strength and reinforcement to support the weight and intricacies of the overhead cable and utility distribution required in a data center. It has the aesthetic appeal of the drop ceiling, but in a single construction.

“The innovation we brought to the industry is a structural ceiling that supports all needs—overhead cable distribution, security screens attached between tenant locations, and hot and cold containment barriers that bolt to the grid,” said Craig Eychaner, sales manager, Gordon Data Center Products. “We’re the only ones offering a single-construction solution, and CyrusOne is the first in the colocation industry to leverage the technology in an open plenum design.”

Using the Gordon grid, customers have the flexibility to expand a data center footprint in a less invasive, time-intensive way than the typical two-piece ceiling structure required. All a customer needs is a stepladder and a wrench to adapt the space. It is completely non-progressive, meaning utility needs above the ceiling can be accessed by unbolting and re-bolting specific sections of the ceiling.

Historical solutions required customers to tear open the ACT to replace materials above, but the totally accessible overhead suspension offered by Gordon allows for simple distribution system expansion or upgrade. This approach delivers improved return on investment by avoiding the damages to ACT drop ceilings often incurred trying to access the uni-strut and its use leads to lower operating costs for customers. 

The system also delivers added security for customers who require it, with a quick-install locking panel. Other security measures commonly used, such as cameras or sensors, quickly attach and bolt to the Gordon grid and in any location for optimum surveillance. Additionally, Gordon’s heavy-duty, rod-suspended ceiling system conserves energy by reducing the amount of cold aisle space required for cooling and enhancing control of ducted return air in the hot aisle. To minimize energy used and control airflow in the space, the drop ceiling creates a smaller envelope to condition.

“Just like any other facet of our facility design, we’ve intentionally sought out and chosen industry-leading technology for our data hall ceilings,” said Kevin Timmons, chief technology officer, CyrusOne. “Data center technology is evolving every day, and we selected Gordon because the company applies its nearly 50 years of experience vetting solutions in the commercial space to create personalized solutions that are critical for  today’s business. No one else is doing what they do. And ultimately, it’s our customers who will realize the benefits of this technology.”