Optical Communications Group(OCG) has announced it is providing emergency restoration services at 75 Broad Street in New York City. These emergency services are supporting voice carriers affected by Superstorm Sandy. OCG’s crews worked 46 hours straight to pull fiber cable through the congested manholes and streets of Manhattan directly into the flooded basement at 75 Broad Street.

As a result of OCG’s work on the building, thousands of voice customers regained service. OCG turned up enough services to handle 10,000 ds0 lines for those carriers that had their cables destroyed during the storm. OCG serves as a transport carrier to the building, providing existing tenants with immediate access to any of the carriers already within the facility. OCG’s fiber into 75 Broad Street, adds diversity for the networks with cables that were damaged or destroyed from the salt water brought in by the storm.

“The road to restoration for many of the buildings in lower Manhattan is going to be challenging,” states Brad Ickes, president of OCG. “Through this difficult time, OCG is committed to working with those impacted by Sandy to make establishing network connections as seamless as possible. Customers are in need of their services, and OCG’s unique fiber network is prepared to restore lost connections in an efficient way.”

Voice carriers who had portions of their network go down during the storm can work with OCG to add capacity back into those specific areas. With routes in and around Manhattan, OCG’s network is a diverse connectivity option for domestic and international services. To find out how you access connectivity with OCG, contact info@ocgfiber.com or 718-326-4340.