ViaWest has selected its Lone Mountain data center in the Las Vegas area as a secondary disaster recovery site. Engineered with a highly energy-efficient and green design, Lone Mountain offers fault-tolerant, high-availability data center space and is scheduled to open Q4 2012.

“The Lone Mountain data center unites maximum availability, maximum density and maximum efficiency,” states Dave Leonard, senior vice president of Data Center Operations for ViaWest. “For customers who require high availability and whose applications require high power density, Lone Mountain delivers that and more. We’ve been able to achieve this unique combination, while also delivering an unprecedented level of energy efficiency marked by patent-pending cooling technology. Coupled with the world-class customer service ViaWest is known for, Lone Mountain offers clients a truly unique data center experience.”

HMS delivers scalable solutions to improve the integrity of the healthcare system, including cost containment, coordination of benefits, along with pharmacy, eligibility and enrollment services. Due to the highly sensitive nature of its data, HMS requires a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure all mission-critical data is secure and always available. At ViaWest’s Lone Mountain facility, HMS will establish a mirror data center configuration to its production site located in the ViaWest Dallas-area data center. HMS will leverage Lone Mountain’s fully redundant N+2 system design.

“The local leadership and personalized support by ViaWest in formulating our disaster recovery and disaster preparedness strategies have been tremendous,” states Cynthia Nustad, senior vice president and CIO for HMS. “ViaWest’s team has greatly assisted us during our planning, IT deployments and expansions. We look forward to growing our business with ViaWest at its new Lone Mountain data center.”

“We are delighted that HMS has become an anchor tenant in our newest data center facility,” comments Michael Vignato, ViaWest Regional Vice President of Sales, General Manager Nevada.  “HMS’s decision to grow its relationship with us speaks to the exceptional level of service by which ViaWest differentiates itself from other data center providers.”