August 30, 2012


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Upstate New York’s own silicon valley—literally—as researchers explore the game changing Black Silicon technology

Dr. Casimer

August 24, 2012 8:34:53 AM EDT

Steve O’Keeffe 

My Cup of IT: FDCCI: The Numbers Game

Recent GAO report on FDCCI surfaces new stats, and gives long odds on the program achieving real savings. FDCCI is the program that cried wolf. Who isn’t tired of hearing how many data centers we have? How much we can save? How much we have saved? But, here’s the beauty of it. Don’t like the numbers? Never fear. Wait a week or two and they’ll change again. Change, Change, Change

August 22

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Here’s another list of stuff you shouldn’t try at home:

August 18

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If there’s a bustle in your Cisco, don’t be alarmed now / It’s just a quick ping for the NIC machine

August 16, 2012 8:29:10 PM EDT

GigaOM Katie Fehrenbacher

Facebook building deep storage buildings at data centers. Remember that third building that Facebook reportedly is building at its data center in Prineville, Oregon? Turns out that building isn’t a third regular data center, but a deep storage facility, according to Facebook execs on a tour of the Oregon data center.

August 13, 2012 4:39:00 AM EDT

Wendy Nather

LooseBolts, mmanos

The AOL Micro-DC adds new capability

Back in July, I announced AOL’s Data Center Independence Day with the release of our new “Micro Data Center” approach. In that post we highlighted the terrific work that the teams put in to revolutionize our data center approach and align it completely to not only technology goals but business goals as well. It was an incredible amount of engineering and work to get to that point and it would be foolish to think that the work represented a “One and Done” type of effort.

So today, I am happy to announce the roll out of a new capability for our Micro-DC Ð An indoor version of the Micro-DC.

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