Power Analytics Corporation has released a set of updates to its Paladin modeling and analysis platform—Paladin DesignBase 4.0 Service Pack 2. This most recent version adds a range of additional functionality and user recommended benefits setting a new standard in power systems modeling and electrical software design.mc0912-products-poweranalytics-300.jpg

Some of the many new features and functions now available with DesignBase 4.0 Service Pack 2 include the Paladin Research Lab, which enables researchers to run DesignBase within their research environment. Well suited for university research, development, and deployment of microgrid control algorithms, and much more; arc flash, a new direct-current arc flash program based on NFPA-70E 2012 recommendations including table lookup and maximum power method; and Protective Device Coordination, a new coordination report that detects parts of the network with coordination issues. Instead of analyzing hundreds of protective paths, engineers can now focus only on paths with issues.