GE Digital Energy’s VH Series UPS is engineered to provide high reliability power protection in a small, modern design. Features include double-conversion technology that creates seamless transfer from utility to battery power in the event of utility failure; built-in fail-safe bypass ensures no-break transition from UPS to bypass if multiple fault conditions occur; and superior battery management allows GE to offer an industry-high, three-year warranty on both UPS and battery.mc0912-products-gedigital-300.jpg

The VH Series UPS uses VFI technology to protect critical electrical systems against power disturbances and frequency fluctuations from the utility, ensuring continuous delivery of a clean sinewave to critical loads. When peak loads exceed the specification of the UPS, its featured failsafe bypass creates an immediate and seamless transfer from inverter to bypass, ensuring a continuous supply of power to the load. The VH Series is capable of rapid switchovers to and from bypass due to the use of a static switch instead of a less reliable relay.