Cyber Sciences announced powerful new capabilities to its CyTime Sequence of Events Recorder, model SER-3200, to enhance electrical power monitoring systems (EPMS) in mission-critical facilities. The latest update (version 2.0) adds major new features and enhancements requested by end users and solution-providers: user-accessible onboard flash memory up to 32 GB, operations counters for all 32 high-speed digital inputs, support for DCF77 time-sync protocol (for compatibility with Square D and Eaton power meters), 16 data-log groups to facilitate required test reports for emergency power systems, and much more.cyber sciences

CyTime event recorders are used in critical-power facilities such as data centers and hospitals to monitor a variety of key power system parameters, such as breaker status, generator operation, and UPS and transfer switch status and alarms. The CyTime event recorder’s integral web server presents a detailed record of all events, time-stamped to 1-ms resolution—all available over an Ethernet network using a standard web browser. The CyTime SER-3200 also ensures easy integration into supervisory systems through Modbus TCP, SQL database and web technologies.