The Cat G20CM34 generator set from Caterpillar Inc. is capable of producing up to 10 MW and is the largest natural gas-fired medium-speed reciprocating engine generator set available from the company.mc0912-products-caterpillar-300.jpg

The G20CM34 uses a robust engine design based on the proven GCM34 family, currently in production with 12 and 16-cylinder models. The GCM34 liquid natural gas engine technology was introduced to the market in 2002, and to date there are over 900 MW of installed capacity globally.

The addition of this 20-cylinder model expands the number of options available to customers needing a medium-speed, natural gas option. The G20CM34 features a Cat electronic control system, precise fuel delivery, and long-stroke design—resulting in world-class efficiency. Low fuel and oil consumption also help to deliver low owning and operating costs.

Maintenance is made easy with removable cylinder heads, removable fluid connections, and split connecting rods to allow piston removal without disturbing the big end bearing. The air-to-fuel ratio control, optimized pre-chamber design lower emissions, and optional configurations reduce emissions even further.