Falcon Electric, Inc. has added a ruggedized, wide temperature (-30°C to 63°C), extended run-time battery bank option to its SSG and SSG-RP UPS products. The wide-temperature-rated batteries provide long back-up runtimes for protecting connected computers and instrumentation operating in harsh environments during a prolonged power outage.mc0912-products-falconelectric-300.jpg

The new battery pack gives users over 10 times the battery run-time, compared to Falcon’s standard 2U extended battery pack option. The new battery bank carries a UL listing when powering Falcon’s UL-listed SSG2.5KRP-1. UL is pending for the remaining models in the SSG and SSG-RP Series wide-temperature rated UPS product line. The SSGB-1S40-5U 40-Ahr battery bank is a rugged battery option that consists of eight deep cycle, valve regulated, lead-acid, maintenance-free 40 Ahr batteries and two internal one amp chargers.

The batteries and chargers are housed in a sleek rack- mount enclosure which takes only 5U (8.75 in.) of vertical rack space. The 40 Ahr batteries join other options for the industrial-grade SSG UPSs including, an SNMP/HTTP agent board, frequency converter, and ICB conformal coating.