Applied Math Modeling Inc.’s CoolSim 4 allows users to predict the effect of failed cooling units and the energy savings related to optimizing airflow using techniques such as containment (hot-aisle/cold-aisle) or reduced fan speeds. And, because CoolSim 4 is highly scalable, energy optimization occurs through the rapid manipulation of design parameters. CoolSim 4 has the ability to accurately predict the total energy envelope of a data center using metrics including power utilization effectiveness (PUE), return temperature index (RTI), and rack cooling index (RCI).mc0912-products-appliedmathmodeling-300.jpg

Using these metrics, data center operators and design engineers can quickly assimilate CoolSim computational fluid dynamics (CFD) output results and make energy optimization decisions. CoolSim 4 is based upon an all-new model building environment, which improves user productivity by allowing models to be built in multiple concurrent views. Thus the data center model can be constructed using both 2-D and 3-D views at the same time. The option to use multiple display monitors is also supported, offering additional on-screen real estate for building more accurate representations of the data center.