The Stulz CyberRow is an energy-efficient, economical, intelligent rack cooling system for small and medium data centers and a targeted spot-cooling solution for large and enterprise size data centers. The streamlined design of CyberRow allows the cooling system to be placed closer to the heat load, allowing data center owners to better manage thermal requirements of IT equipment regardless of the size of their data centers. CyberRow has been designed for use with both chilled-water (CW) and direct-expansion (DX) cooling methods.mc0912-products-stulz-300.jpg

The DX units use green R410A refrigerant and are available in air-, water-, or glycol-cooling methods. Additional features include adjustable electrically commutated (EC) fans and a variable-speed compressor on DX units for precise cooling capacity. The benefits include front discharge for contained solutions (hot-aisle and cold-aisle containment) and side discharge for open aisle configurations; adaptable to most racks and rack containment systems; seamless integration with most BMS platforms; and scalability to accommodate future data center growth.